A long-standing Vilnius favourite that more often than not gets included on a list of recommended places to visit when we're asked by newcomers to the city for a good place to eat, Zoe's manages to consistently get everything right from its enviable location to the eclectic menu of classic food. Featuring everything from their recommended BLT to their excellently priced Thai dishes, this year sees the place expanding their outside seating even further and bringing with it one or two gimmicks to keep visiting and easily bored children amused. Throwing in a few modern twists such as DJs at the weekend, Zoe's is more or less perfect for a simple snack to a full blown spread for large groups. Note that at the time of going to press the kitchen was closing an hour earlier than the bar with the exception of Sundays. Also rents out mopeds: from an hour to a whole week. Vroom!